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The Team

Who We Are

We'll put you at ease in our studio, at your home, or in any location. We're relaxed because we are a great team of experienced individuals. Throughout the years, we've learned that there isn't just one solution that works. That's why we use a combination of photography styles  to capture you and bring out your inner beauty. Take a look at the extraordinary members of our team.


Cara Bride

Studio Manager

Published model, mother of two young boys and now Co-founder & Studio Manager at Sugar-n-Spice-Studio


Laurie Scott

Makeup and Hair Specialist 

Over 15 years experience. Known for her detail and dedication to her craft. Laurie's expertise and creativity ensure flawless results tailored to each client's unique vision


Dave Mariner BA, LRPS


 University trained photographer with over 20 years experience of portrait and boudoir photography. Internationally published and co-founder of Sugar-n -Spice-Studio

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